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Liquid-filled Distribution: Liquid filled Padmount Transformers, Unit-Substation Transformers, Network Transformers,Mineral Oil / FR3, 2400V- 38kV primary, 50kVA up to 3MVA. View Here
Dry Type Transformers: Cast Coil, VPI, VPE, Resibloc, and Hi-Dry types available in open-core & coil, NEMA 1, 3R, 4X enclosures. View Here
Small Power Transformers: Padmount, Unit substation, Traction, 2400V - 250kV, 3500kVA-125MVA. View Here
Medium Power Transformers: GSU, Substation, Transmission, Rectifying, 115kV-800kV, 130MVA-300MVA. View Here
Large Power Transformers: Substation, Transmission, HVDC, 115kV-800kV, 400MVA-1200MVA. View Here
Pole Mount Transformers: Single phase & three-phase overhead transformers, 10kVA-1000kVA, 2400V-38kV, upto 200kV BIL. View Here
MV Instrument Transformers: Indoor/Outdoor, 0.6kV-38kV voltage class, dry-type induction CTs & PTs, metering & relay applications, extended range and high accuracy options. View Here
HV Instrument Transformers: ABB / Kuhlman, 46kV-800kV, liquid-filled & SF6 types, CT, PT, Combo Metering Units (MU), CCVTs (CVT), SSVTs (50kVA, 100kVA, 300kVA), extended range and high accuracy options. View Here


Micron Transformers & Power Supplies

Control Transformers: The ImperviTRAN™ product offering is available from 25VA through 5,000VA in any 600 volt class voltage combination. View Here
General Purpose Transformers: Micron can furnish virtually all combinations of 600 volt class single and three-phase catalog designs both as encapsulated and ventilated, including buck-boost transformers. View Here
Power Supplies and Converters: The DINergy™ product offering encompasses power supplies from 18 watt single phase through 960 watt three-phase in the most popular industrial output voltages. View Here


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