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ABB Switchgear

Metal Clad Switchgear: 5/15/27kV, up to 3000A, 25/40/63kAIC, UL1554 spring-charged or magnetically-actuated breaker technology View Here
Small Footprint Switchgear: ReliagearND, 5/15kV, 1200A or 2000A, 25kAIC, 26” wide, 2 high arrangement View Here
Arc Resistant Switchgear: 5-15kV, 25/40/63kAIC, 1200/2000/3000A, Built to IEEE C37.20.7, Type 2BC construction View Here
MV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS): 15-40.5kV, 25/40kAIC, 2500A, SF6 cable compartment, Vacuum breakers, Compact design, zero maintenance, arc resistant View Here
IEC Switchgear: Up to 24kV & 4000A, built to IEC 62271-200 standards View Here
Low Voltage Switchgear: UL1558, 480/600V @ 100kA View Here
LV Motor Control Centers: Motor Control Centers in NEMA & IEC View Here
MV Motor Control Centers: ANSI & IEC construction, available up to 7.2kV 50kA View Here


Switchgear Power Systems

Metal Enclosed Switchgear: 5/15/38kV, 1200A loadbreak, Indoor / outdoor, Utility metering View Here
Padmount Switchgear: 5/15kV, Low-profile, Air-insulated, 2/4 compartments, custom arrangements, Industry standard footprint View Here
Unit Substations: SPS will work with you to supply the complete system including the transformers or work closely with you to co-ordinate engineering and design when you supply the transformers, or the primary or secondary portions of the substation View Here


IMC Motor Control Centers

LV MCCs: NEMA / ANSI Motor Control Centers View Here


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